Brussels ISIS Fighter: My Dream is to Live in Europe Under Islamic Caliphate

"I think they are already in Europe. Because ISIS is not a group, it's an ideology."

Fusion recently sat down with a former ISIS fighter who was part of the first wave of Europeans to head for Syria to join the Islamic terror organization. Michael Delefortrie is now back home in Brussels serving a three-year probation sentence for his terrorist activities. He is unabashed in his continued support for ISIS and shares his dreams of a future caliphate in Europe, as he wears fresh clothes and an unrepentant grin.

Last year, Delefortrie was convicted in the largest terror trial in Belgian history (the short clip above explains). Despite this conviction, he remains faithful to his Muslim cause:

My dream is to still live underneath an Islamic caliphate, underneath Islamic Law. That's my dream.

He is then asked by Fusion's investigative journalist, "Do you think that's ever going to happen here?"

"In Europe? There will be a day, yes. This is a goal and it's Islamic goal," Delefortrie responded.

"You think sooner or later they'll make it to Europe?" the woman asked, obviously oblivious to the facts at hand, which he quickly confirmed:

I think they are already in Europe. Because ISIS is not a group, it's an ideology.

Delefortrie explained that terrorist attacks are "a reaction," adding, "Every war has its casualties." It's how Muslims "prove" themselves to their god, he said.

Delefortrie recalls 60 of his friends who went with him to Syria to join ISIS. He claims many are now in "Paradise."

The video clip is part of a new hour-long documentary that Fusion has produced to investigate "extremism in Europe." The crew sat down with Delefortrie just weeks before the latest attacks at the Brussels airport. The ISIS fighter's home country of Belgium has sent more terrorist fighters to Syria and Iraq per capita than any other European country. The documentary, airing this Sunday online, is called The Naked Truth: Radicals Rising. Besides looking into Islamic extremists, the doc also covers "right-wing extremists" who are also "battling for Europe."