British Politician Schools David Cameron on the Religion of Peace

"Islam is undoubtedly an ideology of supremacism and war."

This video goes back to December of 2014, but in light of recent instances of European capitulation to Islamic supremacism, it's making the rounds of the internet again - and its message is even more critical now than it was in 2014.

In this video, Paul Weston -- British politician, chairman of Liberty GB, parliamentary candidate, and member of the Pegida UK leadership team -- gives a quick historical explanation as to why Islam is not, as Cameron has insisted, a religion of peace. Weston minces no words as he denounces the total cowardice of Western leaders, including his own Prime Minister David Cameron, in the face of the Islamic threat.

Considering the usual whitewashing blather about Islam from Western elites like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, Weston's statement is a breath of fresh air. Check out the short video above.

H/t Israel Video Network