British Parliament Defeats Bill Banning Sex-Selective Abortions

The war on women continues with pro-aborts leading the charge. In Britain, a measure seeking to ban sex-selective abortions, particularly on girls, suffered defeat in the British parliament Monday after the Labor Party successfully whipped the vote in its favor, reports LifeNews.

Defeated by a moderately wide margin of 292 - 201 votes, the measure faced heavy opposition from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BAPS), who lobbied MPs alongside the British trade unions for them to vote now.  

“Britain’s trades unions today put their weight behind efforts to derail a ban on the sex-selective abortions of girls because of their gender,” a Catholic newspaper reported. “The Trades Union Congress sent an email to MPs to ask them to oppose an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill today which would outlaw the controversial practice. The unions say the amendment would divide communities and also suggest that a ban might make women more vulnerable to domestic violence from partners who do not want to father girls.”

Fiona Bruce, the Conservative MP for Congleton, Cheshire, put forward an amendment to Section 5 of the Serious Crime Bill after undercover videos revealed doctors offering sex-selective abortions to women who did not want to give birth to girls. Despite the bill's intended mission to protect girls, opponents framed the initiative as somehow sexist.