BREAKING: Apple Pulls All Civil War Games Over Confederate Flag Controversy

Think The Same.

In a bold move against reason, Apple has apparently removed all civil war games from their App Store over the display of the Confederate flag within the games. This is just the latest in a series of absurd moves taken by corporations following the national debate and eventual decision by South Carolina to remove the flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds.

Apple's Tim Cook Tweeted on Sunday of this week: "My thoughts are with the victim's families in SC. Let us honor their lives by eradicating racism & removing the symbols & words that feed it." Apparently he truly meant eradicated, as any game or app that features a Confederate flag has been pulled, "regardless of context" according to website Touch Arcade.

MacRumors has posted a partial list of games that have been pulled, including:

The notice that is being sent to developers who have their apps pulled states the reason as "because it includes images of the confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways."

Here is a screenshot of a search we just conducted for the words Civil War in the App Store. There are only three titles appearing in the search. Despite the effort, there do seem to be two still available in the Games section, although one is just trivia. For comparison there is also a screenshot of the search for World War II.

One assumes the World War Two games may feature Nazis.

Truth Revolt will update this story as more information becomes available. We were not able to get a statement from Apple at this time.