Brandeis Univ. Professor Likens Anti-BDS Event to Germany with Nazi Sympathizers

Brandeis University professor of politics Donald Hindley likened an on-campus event explaining the issues with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to Germany in the late 1930's "with everyone at least a Nazi sympathizer."

Hindley garnered international attention for his remarks made on a restricted Brandeis faculty listserv titled "Concerned." The listserv is still in use and Hindley wrote the comment on Tuesday evening. 

Fellow professor Gordon Fellman, one of the co-creators of the listserv, sent an email to the subscribers alerting everyone to an upcoming event titled "Teach-In on the Gaza Conflict and BDS Movement" featuring speakers from anti-BDS both Brandeis and the Greater Boston community. Topics include, "Overview of the Gaza Conflict," "Israeli and Palestinian Political Landscapes," "The Roots of the BDS Movement.""BDS Case Study at the University of Illinois"and "Millenial Attitudes Toward Israel."

The BDS movement is largely considered anti-Semitic in that it targets the Jewish state while neglecting rampant human rights concerns across the Middle East. Many proponents of the BDS movement also argue that Israel does not have a right to exist as a Jewish state.

The "Concerned" listserv often features articles sympathetic to BDS and accusing Israel of war crimes against Palestinians.

After receiving Fellman's alert that the event was taking place, Hindley lashed out and stated that it was a "donor-licking initiative":


Looking at the list of speakers (including Troen twice), why did you re-post this apparently Israelist announcement?  

Appearances are of yet another Reinharz-Lawrence-Likud donor-licking initiative. Germany in the later 1930s with everyone at least a Nazi sympathizer. 

Will the lunch be kosher? 


A Brandeis student who requested to remain anonymous due to potential risks on campus told TruthRevolt that they are deeply concerned about Hindley's latest remarks. "In case anyone wanted to deny his Jew hatred, his flourish of a sign-off 'will the lunch be kosher?' clinches it."

Over the summer this author, a current Brandeis University senior, revealed some of the more outrageous email exchanges on the "Concerned" listserv, which included Hindley claiming that "Zionist olive trees grow wondrously on Palestinian corpses." The Washington Free Beacon highlighted that Hindley likened past president Jehuda Reinharz to Hitler and also separately offered to send the listserv a picture of his penis. 

In late July current president Fredrick Lawrence condemned some of the anti-Semitic and bigoted remarks made on the listserv but asserted that the faculty members have a first amendment right to free speech. 

In a separate email in late October Hindley shared an extremely anti-Israel article and remarked that it "is from good Zionists."

"They exist, even if they don't finance Brandeis," he added.