Bozell: Trump Going to 'Knock the Teeth Out of Old Media'

“I think the old media need to be put in their place."

Speaking with Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network Monday, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell attacked the progressive media for attempting to delegitimize President Donald Trump’s new administration. He also praised the President’s efforts to combat journalists: “What Donald Trump is saying is, ‘If you hit me unfairly, I'm going to knock your teeth out.’ And that is what he has been doing.”

“I think the old media need to be put in their place," argued Bozell, according to Newsbusters. "Enough of this.... They tried to destroy [Trump's] campaign before he won. When he won, they tried to destroy during the transition. And now that he is the president, they're trying to destroy it, and they’re doing it internationally, not just in this country.”

Varney began the segment by playing a clip of  White House chief of staff Reince Priebus claiming that the media is out to delegitimize Trump. Bozell responded to the clip by saying,

"We have never seen anything like this. This is an administration —  I agree completely with Mr. Priebus on this one. This is an administration that is not the going to put up with a quote, unquote, news media that are hell bent on destroying it. The news media are more radically concerned with the destruction of Donald Trump than is Nancy Pelosi, than is Senator Schumer, believe it or not. These are radicalized people and what the Trump administration is saying, not only are they not going to put up with it, but they don't have to put up with it. And that's the problem with the old media. They are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Donald Trump knows that because of social media. He has got the upper hand on this one. 

Varney countered by pointing out that "the establishment media can do a lot of damage to Donald Trump because for the average person, you get up, you watch TV, you read the newspaper. You get your Facebook feed and it is going to be negative. And if that is repeated constantly, damage can still be done, can it not?"

"Sure it can," answered Bozell. "[T]he old rules were, if the media hit you once, don't you dare respond because they will hit you twice as hard the second time. And I have always counseled [Republican politicians], 'No, you respond. If they hit you unfairly you respond.' What Donald Trump is saying is, 'If you hit me unfairly I’m going to knock your teeth out.' And that is what he has been doing."

Varney asked if Bozell approved of Trump's strategy, and Bozell said yes. "And what Donald Trump is doing, he is standing up to these people," Bozell continued. "He's peeling the onion layer by layer and the public is seeing it."

Watch the short video above.