Bob Woodward Warns Obamacare will 'Blow a Hole in the Budget'

"It's going to get worse... It will blow a hole in the budget."

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace included a panel discussion of the political implications of President Obama's "fix" designed to make good on his "you can keep your insurance, period" lie. The Washington Post's Bob Woodward warned the Obamacare mess was going to "get worse" and eventually "blow a hole in the budget."

Woodward said he disagreed with the reporters claiming the failed launch was like recent presidential scandals saying, "This isn't Watergate. This isn't Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky." Host Wallace pointed out that he didn't believe Obamacare problems were a scandal "just rank incompetence." Woodward agreed and warned the Obamacare problems were going to get worse:

There’s no question about that, but you see all of these stories and the frenzy out there, “the game over, the presidency is over” some people are saying. I think that's not the case. Here is the other side of this, which I would agree with George Will on. When you go down the road, it's going to get worse. Because you talk to the experts and they will tell you this is a money issue. It will blow a hole in the budget. And as we go in two or three months from now and have more,  “Are we going to shut down the government, are we going to pay for the debt that we have?” All of a sudden this will come on the table and people are going to say, "My God, it's going to cost much more money than we were spending on these things before." So how you are going to disentangle this is now on Obama’s head.