BLM Founders at Mizzou: Supporting Constitution White Supremacy

This old chestnut, again.

So obsessed with the notion of "white supremacy" are Black Lives Matter activists that they see it in places it doesn't even exist. The latest "cry wolf" moment came on Thursday when #BlackLivesMatter founders Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi told a crowd of University of Missouri students that the Constitution was founded on white supremacy and built on the backs of slaves.

Likely in reference to conservative lawmakers, Garza said, "the people vowing to protect the Constitution are vowing to protect white supremacy and genocide."

Genocide? Perhaps someone should provide Garza with a Webster's Dictionary so she can clarify what the term actually means. In addition, she might wish to study the Holocaust, or Darfur, or the Armenian-genocide in Turkey to name just a few, and learn what real ethno-religious cleansing looks like. 

Campus Reform reports that Garza and Tometi also spoke of engaging in "self-care" (whatever that means) and how important it is to be "resilient in the face of so much trauma we’re facing."

Trauma? Really? Honestly, the inane drivel of these spoiled children is an affront to elders within the African American community who endured actual trauma and discrimination. Newsflash for the BLM contingent: Dr. Martin Luther King's dream has been realized. The irony is that were he alive today he, himself, would be the first to recognize that. CR continues: 

The ills of capitalism were a common thread throughout different points in the guided discussion, with Garza noting at one point that, “What we know about our world is that we depend on each other to survive, and that’s not what our economic system teaches us.”

Garza spoke about how black people turned out in record numbers for Barack Obama, and agreed that it was because he was black. She then asked the crowd if they knew what demographic normally turned out in elections. When the majority said that it was old men, she asked who they tended to vote for. The crowd responded with “Conservative” or “Republican.” [...]

The final question of the night came from a female doctoral student, who asked about the hashtags #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter. Garza said these arrive as a counter-argument to the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. She encouraged people to stir things up by saying, “You can tell everybody that the founder said ‘All lives matter!’”

Garza stated that while she does indeed believe that all lives matter, that is not the world we live in. She said that it was not possible in a world where “the average life expectancy of a black trans woman is 35.”

Life expectancies of black trans-women? Good grief these people pull so-called examples from the depths of obscurity and absurdity. 

What is perhaps saddest of all is that there is real crisis within our African American communities -- crisis that is not being dealt with so that petulant child-activists can stand on a soap box and distract people from focusing on the real problems at hand. The only ones who suffer time and again are the very people the Left claims to champion.  

Today's generation of activists talk, and talk loudly, but they truly have no clue what they're raging on about. They throw around words like "white supremacy" and "trauma" and "apartheid" and "genocide" when they neither know the definition of those words, nor have they ever truly experienced any of it themselves. They constantly employ absurd comparisons to those with whom they disagree as "Hitler" and so on, and so forth. Hyperbole is rampant and substance is nowhere to be found. Oh, hear the social justice warrior's vapid battle cries. Again.