Black Woman Writes about Carrying Weapon, NYT Commenters Freak Out

Dear black women: libs would prefer you just walk around scared.

Antonia Okafor, a grad student at the University of Texas, Dallas, absolutely incensed the readers of the New York Times when she wrote about how she bought a Ruger LC9 in response to her fear for her safety. She writes:

It was my first year as a public policy graduate student at the University of Texas, Dallas, and I was taking all my classes at night so I could work during the day. Every evening, after class got out around 10, I had to walk through the sprawling parking lots to get to my car. I dreaded that time of day. I would pray that no one was lurking in dimly lit areas or behind cars, and I’d try not to think about the campus police alerts I’d seen about sexual assaults in the area.

I had survived such an assault myself when I was a child. The incident left me acutely aware of the realities of being preyed upon just because you are physically smaller and less likely to protect yourself. I know what it means to feel defenseless.

Though she'd grown up in a Democratic household and had never paid attention to the gun debates, she bought a gun and learned how to use it.
But the readers of the NYT weren't as supportive. One commenter wrote, "Belief in guns is much like the belief in God: Just because it makes you feel better doesn't make it true. Here we have yet another gun lover relying on feelings rather than facts. There's been no credible research demonstrating that carrying a gun makes your safer. In fact, it's just the opposite. All the writer has accomplished by carrying a gun is climb up the ladder from Low Risk to High Risk."
Another wrote, "This is terrific. The most likely outcomes? You shoot some poor fool who spooked you but who was not a threat to anyone. You try to shoot some guy who you think is menacing you but miss and kill a pedestrian a block away. You pull out your gun; it gets taken from you and you get shot with it before that guy runs off, now well armed."
Another was absolutely hysterical. "For the love of god I hope I am not going to the same part of the parking lot, going towards my car when you get freaked out and start shooting. Why don't you use the campus escort? I hope your kids don't find your gun in your purse, you accidentally shoot yourself, decide to commit suicide, the gun gets stolen or someone else decides that with you waving your gun around that YOU are a threat. etc etc."
Of course, this shows how ignorant some NYT readers are of the gun culture. Liberals say they support women's rights. They say they support minorities. However, they mock the one action that female minorites can take to protect themselves.

Image Credit: Antonia Okafor's Website