Black Man Suspect In 'Hate Crime' Against Interracial Couple

“Without provocation, he made reference to the race of both victims.”

Over the weekend, an interracial couple in Pasadena, California was assaulted outside a coffee shop by an alleged black man, and police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.  

According to Lt. John Luna, a 29-year-old black woman and 36-year-old Armenian man were confronted outside a Starbucks Friday night by the suspect, who angrily referenced their race.

“Without provocation, he made reference to the race of both victims,” Luna said. “The suspect spat on the female victim and punched the male victim.”

The couple reported the incident to police several hours later after the man sought his own medical treatment for a cut on his lower lip. The woman suffered no injury.

In their testimony to police, the victims specified the attacker objected to the couple being mixed races, which police have ruled as a hate crime.

“Based on the fact that race was the provocation, we’re investigating it as a hate crime,” Luna said.

The suspect has been described as a "black man in his 20's, about 6 feet 2 inches tall and 190 pounds, with his hair in dreadlocks."