Black Lives Matter Founder: Clintons Only 'Use Black People for Votes'

"I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that we are not led by Donald Trump."

Bloomberg Business Week published an interview late last week with Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza. Among the highlights, or lowlights, of the interview were her statements that the emergence of "fascist ideologue" Donald Trump is a "backlash" against the successful of Black Lives Matter, and that the Clintons just use black people for photo ops and votes.

Garza complained that too many Americans don't understand systemic racism. They think "racism is people being mean to each other," but it's about an entire oppressive set of "systems, practices, structures that fundamentally exclude, disenfranchise, marginalize black people."

Asked whether she thinks America has become less racist over the past few decades, Garza answered,

There’s a real battle. The emergence of Donald Trump, and the phenomenon around him, is really a backlash against how successful this movement has been. There’s millions of people backing a fascist ideologue... He’s trying to organize ­disaffected white folks who feel like immigrants are taking their jobs... What I worry about in doing disruptive action is that because there is a set of forces that are whipping up ­hysteria, what it means sometimes is that there is violence rooted in that ­hysteria that then gets directed at my folks.

Garza also expressed skepticism about the "Ferguson effect" of crime rising because police are becoming increasingly reluctant to do their job. Such concerns are "not grounded in any evidence. They are used to generate distrust and to squelch dissent."

She also expressed frustration with Barack Obama for inadequately addressing "the problem of racial inequity and racial injustice." Too often, she complained, he "uses it as an opportunity to scold black people about what we should be doing differently."

Her frustration extended to candidate Hillary Clinton:

Early on, she would say, “Yes, black lives matter,” but she wouldn’t acknowledge her role in processes that fundamentally showed black lives did not matter. She says that she is for economic justice, but she doesn’t support $15 an hour as the minimum wage.


The Clintons use black people for votes, but then don’t do anything for black communities after they’re elected. They use us for photo ops.

About the election, Garza said she is "going to do everything in my power to make sure that we are not led by Donald Trump. That being said... [w]e’re not indebted to or endeared to the Democratic Party.

The worst advice anyone has given her? “Tone it down.”