Bill Maher Shocks: 'Islam Is The Problem'

Christian-hater Bill Maher turned his dim wit on Muslims in his latest show on HBO. 

"Islam is the problem. ... All religions are the problem, but especially this one," said the famed atheist.

In a roundtable panel with liberals and religion expert Arianna Huffington, Maher let loose on the moral relativism embraced by the intelligentsia on the left.

But it took conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza to lay out to the gathered lefties exactly what's going on: "There's a civil war in the mind of the liberal."

On one hand you're a defender of individual rights and if this were the Catholic Church... you'd be all on it. But on the other hand, you're committed to multiculturalism and Islam is a victim and we don't want to make Muslims feel bad. And so these two impulses have got to be brokered, one against the other, and that's why there is a protection of Islam. The problem isn't the Muslims; the problem is the multiculturists on campus who protect and defend them.