Bill Maher: Obama Had to Lie to ‘Stupider’ Americans

"I mean the thing passed by this much. If they had said that, they might’ve lost the whole thing."

On Piers Morgan Live Tuesday, guest Bill Maher openly admitted Obama “lied” about Americans keeping their insurance plans, but insisted that he had to because of unified Republican opposition—and the increasingly “stupider” American public.

Morgan trotted Maher on for a number of political issues, including the Obamacare meltdown and the most recent episode in the NSA scandal saga. Morgan opened by asking Maher if the scandal-failure-filled week was “any worse than it’s always been?” Maher said, in essence, yes:

Well, I think the country in general is on a decline.

Rather than citing the failure of the administration though, Maher’s explained he believes the decline is a result of Americans getting “stupider.” In Maher’s universe, this “stupider” population must be misled by politicians for its own good:

It sure is hard if you’re a politician—not that I’m really that sympathetic to them—to try to get information into people’s heads.

I don’t think Obama should’ve lied to people-

To which Morgan interjected, “It was a lie, wasn't it?” But Maher continued, quickly parroting the “insurance companies are always dropping people” talking point, then returning to his original argument:

But, yeah, he probably should’ve not been so blatant about saying you ... iron clad guarantee. On the other hand, since he got no Republican votes and no Republican help. And since three years after it’s a law, they’re still fighting it, can you imagine what it would be like if he said, “Yeah, some people, your rates are going to go up.” I mean the thing passed by this much. If they had said that, they might’ve lost the whole thing.

So, yeah, Obama lied, but the “stupider” Americans deserve to be lied to. Standard elitist governing tactics: manipulate and deceive in order to force onto the public what you know is best for them.