Bill Clinton has Tough Time Answering 'Is Your Past Fair Game?'

I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking…

Former President Bill Clinton set out on his first solo campaign to stump for his wife's presidential hopes. He had plenty to say on why Hillary would make the best president in 2016, but when asked if his past infidelities could have an affect on her chances, he was rendered almost speechless.

After coming off the stage in New Hampshire, an ABC News reporter was there to ask Mr. Clinton about Donald Trump bringing up the 42nd president's past affairs with multiple women as "fair game" in hopes to tarnish Hillary's campaign. It took him exactly five uncomfortable seconds to form his response, which included something about temptation, Democrats, and taking something away form the American people:


Bill Clinton Responds to Trump's Criticism of His Past

WATCH: Speaking to ABC News after his first campaign appearance, former President Bill Clinton responds to Republican front-runner Donald Trump's claim that his past is fair game:

Posted by ABC News Politics on Monday, January 4, 2016


Yet, earlier in his speech, Clinton was better prepared to jab Trump for not having the right "temperament" to be president, as he claimed his wife does [LOL]:


Bill Clinton Takes Shot At Donald Trump’s ‘Temperament’

Watch Bill Clinton take a less-than-veiled shot at Donald J. Trump, emphasizing that his wife is the only candidate with the “temperament” to be the next president.Read more:

Posted by The Daily Caller on Monday, January 4, 2016