Bill Clinton Actually Accused Someone of Being 'Sexist'

Takes one to know one.

On a Sunday evening campaign stop in New Hampshire, Bill Clinton actually accused somebody else of being "sexist." What's worse, he is trying to pin the accusation on Bernie Sanders, as if he is directing his supporters to "troll" Hillary Clinton online.

"Vicious trolling," Mr. Clinton said, holding what appears to be a printed page of comments, "and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist, to repeat."

Sanders denied that the anonymous posts had anything to do with him and distanced himself from the comments on CNN saying, "It's disgusting. Look, we don't want that crap."

The Clinton camp has increased the heat against the Sanders campaign more and more recently in hopes of pulling more voters away from the Vermont senator and over to the political dynasty. But having a sexual deviant -- who turned the Oval Office into his own personal petting zoo -- as your spokesman against sexism is probably not the best choice. 

Watch below: