Bill Ayers at Trump Protest, But 'Trump is the Real Terrorist'

We're lucky Ayers didn't try to bomb the rally.

Gateway Pundit reports that education expert and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers showed up at the University of Illinois campus in Chicago today to protest a rally by presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

Five to seven thousand protesters were already inside the pavilion where the rally was to take place by 5 PM Central. Thousands more waited outside in a line that stretched for blocks. But as TruthRevolt previously reported, Trump's people later canceled the rally over security concerns.

Ironically, one protester presented a poster that read, "Trump is the real terrorist," which the anti-progressive Progressives Today Twitter account nicely juxtaposed with this pic of Ayers:

Progressives Today also captured what it called the anti-Trump protesters' vulgarity prior to the scheduled event"...

... as well as a look at some of the protesters' signage, including pro-Bernie Sanders placards and the predictable obscenities:

Progressives Today went on to report that the protesters later "recklessly blocked a freeway":