Big Labor Boosts Bernie Over Clinton

Won't endorse frontrunner, yet.

When it comes to union bosses, few are as big as Richard Trumka. The president of the AFL-CIO, the largest labor organization in the country, is a sought-after prize by left-wing politicians, especially Democratic presidential nominees.

Trumka and his fellow union bosses at AFL-CIO were expected to endorse Hillary Clinton as their choice for the Democratic nominee but now, that is no longer the case. The Huffington Post reports that Trumka has announced via email that the organization is holding off on endorsing any candidate:

In his email, Richard Trumka told members of the AFL-CIO executive council that the body won't be holding a vote on whether to endorse Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders at its annual winter meeting in San Diego.

"Following recent discussion at the AFL-CIO’s Executive Committee meeting and subsequent conversations with many of you, I have concluded that there is broad consensus for the AFL-CIO to remain neutral in the presidential primaries for the time being and refrain from endorsing any candidate at this moment," Trumka said.

The decision is a blow to Clinton's campaign and a boost for Bernie Sanders. While AFL-CIO could still endorse Clinton down the road, HuffPo says the decision shows Clinton doesn't have the backing of enough member unions at this point:

"We're extremely happy" about the decision, said RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, a union that has broken away from many other labor groups and endorsed Sanders.  

Sanders, an admitted socialist, has been gaining ground among Democrat voters. The latest Quinnipiac Poll puts Sanders just back of Clinton nationally at 44% support for Clinton and 42% for Sanders, while a CNN poll of Nevada caucus goers puts Sanders one point back with 48% for Clinton and 47% for Sanders.