Biden on Stopping Deportations: ‘We’ll Do That Too

Assures crowd at Miami-Dade College commencement the administration will “stop deportations.”

When a heckler shouted “Stop deportations!” to Vice President Joe Biden during a speech addressing immigration reform Saturday, Biden assured the heckler, “We’ll do that, too, kid...”

Biden gave the commencement speech for the Inter-American and Homestead campuses of Miami-Dade College Saturday. As Biden was commenting on the importance of "challenging orthodoxy"—stumbling over the phrase "immigrant community" in the process—one of the attendants interrupted Biden’s remarks by yelling, “Stop deportations!”

Without missing a beat, Biden responded, “We’ll do that, too, kid, just let me finish my speech...”

The vice president’s response drew loud cheers from the heavily Latino crowd.

During his remarks, Biden called for immigration reform and argued that reform measures could increase the GDP, saying, “Immigration reform will increase the Gross Domestic Product by 5.4%. That’s 1.4 trillion dollars over the next 20 years.
That’s what we need to do is take these 11 million people out of the shadows.”

The vice president was awarded an honorary degree for his part in the commencement ceremony.