Biden Meets with Unions, Trumka about 2016 Run

According to Politico sources, Vice President Joe Biden met with AFL-CIO honcho Richard Trumka yesterday at the Naval Observatory.

Biden has been actively engaged in sounding out a late entry into the Democratic primary race — saying Wednesday on a call with Democratic National Committee members that he is trying to sort out whether he and his family have the “emotional fuel” to go forward, all while encouraging a small circle of advisers to actively explore the intricacies of a run.

Biden also met with Massachusetts democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren for a similar lunch last week.

Politico writes, "If he were to run, Biden would try to position himself as a center-left alternative to Hillary Clinton, and Warren’s support would be key to that. So would the support of organized labor, which Biden has worked with extensively over the years."

Whether or not Biden can sell himself to the unions remains to be seen. The Veep was a "key member" of the Obama admin's push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which was opposed by organized labor.  On the other hand, Hillary Clinton avoided taking a position on the trade deal, even though the unions wanted her to come out against the deal.

Hillary has the endorsement of one union so far, the American Federation of Teachers, a AFL-CIO member union, which she got last month.