Betsy DeVos Dresses as Miss Frizzle for Halloween

"As an advocate for school choice, DeVos is all about out-of-the-box learning, so it works for me."

What's better: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos dressing up as Miss Frizzle (the funky schoolteacher from the Magic Schoolbus series), or the way people freaked out over it?

In the series, Miss Frizzle was always coming up with a wacky and wonderful out-of-the-box way to educate her students. She'd take them on crazy field trips in the titular magic schoolbus from beehives to the human body and the solar system. As an advocate for school choice, DeVos is all about out-of-the-box learning, so it works for me. 

The internet lost what little mind they had.

DeVos sees the value in quality education, no matter where it comes from (she also knows that charter schools are public schools).  

Vanity Fair couldn't believe that she "dared" to dress as Miss Frizzle since she is "currently working to undo various Obama-era regulations that protect students." I'm assuming this refers to Title IX and DeVos daring to ask colleges and universities to go with that pesky old due process when it comes to sexual assault. Innocent until proven guilty? I'm going to assume Miss Frizzle would have been down with that. She was a smart lady. Smarter than her sister, who thinks that fossil fuels attract child-eating monsters. 

Here's the thing: DeVos is a champion for kids. She knows that, like Miss Frizzle, her choices aren't always going to be popular (parents probably wouldn't have been 100% convinced that a field trip to a volcano was a good idea, but it was safe and educational!), but they were the best thing for the students. As long as children are getting the best education, that's what matters. DeVos and Miss Frizzle would agree, and I doubt either would have time to care what social media thinks.