Bernie Sanders 'Speaks' to Mark Ruffalo: 'Awoke Something in Me'

You mean a large, green anti-socialism rage monster?… No?

Something has awoken inside Mark Ruffalo, liberal Hollywood activist and anger management poster boy The Hulk on the big screen. But unlike conservatives, whose inner rage monsters are provoked by the idea of a ferociously socialist president, this actor metamorphosizes into something altogether different: a gently gushing praise factory of socialist delight.

After Sunday's Democratic presidential debate, Ruffalo was on hand to describe his new-found love for Sanders to MSNBC:

He awoke something in me and it was his ideas and his decency and it's his record, frankly. I mean, this guy is exactly who he's always been. He's always been fighting for the little guy and just today, that just happens to be the very person we need and so -- so there's an authenticity about him, and about his history and about his career as a politician, that -- that speaks to me.

To bolster his take on Sanders, Ruffalo reminded everyone that he makes his living reading people and has an especially high level of that skill. He's so confident in the Vermont senator that he believes Sanders would "mop the floor" with Donald Trump if they went head-to-head.

"This guy is real," Ruffalo added.

By the end of the night, Ruffalo was feeling so much "Bern" that he was confident enough to say that a President Sanders would lead the kind of nation where a water crisis like the one in Flint, Michigan wouldn't be possible:

We don't have to have these kinds of issues where our water's being poisoned, where our EPA becomes a political sort of tool or our DEQ becomes a political tool. He's talking about a more adjuster -- an accountable nation and he's talking about our priorities.

Ruffalo is a big anti-fracker and left-wing environmentalist, whose hysterical activism has rendered him blind to factual science that proves fracking isn't contaminating water supplies around America.

But sounding off in the spin room at MSNBC, Ruffalo doubled down his beliefs and support of Sanders:

Our water is being contaminated. It's because we're not taking care of our resources and our people and it's an altitude that our federal government and state government has towards its people and it's the attitude that for some reason money is worth more than people are and because of that, we're having poison. Our school systems are trashed. Our federal court systems are trashed. Our judicial system is trashed. Young people are dying in the streets for no reason and that's an attitude that we have towards our people about — about who they are, and what their value is to us and what Bernie Sanders is talking about is a revolution of spirit, a revolution of priorities.  

Newsbusters has the video:



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