Bernie Sanders Doesn't Know How To Supreme Court

Yeah, so, they won't like work for you bro.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has spent a lot of time proving that on a lot of topics covering a lot of issues he doesn't know a lot. One lot he seems to be particularly confused about is that group in black robes in the big building in Washington: The Supreme Court. 

This week, Bernie tweeted his plans for the Supreme Court, and they are so nefarious and power-grabby that we honestly felt it was our duty to add a mustache to this screenshot:

Of course, that is not how these things work, as The Blaze explains:

The Supreme Court, however, is constitutionally limited in how it can address previous rulings, as it must wait for an actual case to arise before it can readdress a previous decision. The court can overturn or affirm a precedent only with a majority of the justices on board.

"The Federal Courts do not, under Article III of the Constitution, have the power to resolve legal questions that do not arise out of an actual dispute between real parties," according to Cornell University Law School’s website.

But really, who needed this explanation? It's absurd that Bernie did. You don't just send in a nominee and say 'make sure the first thing you do is legislate from the bench." It's nonsensical. Even a child knows for a judge to rule there has to be something to rule on. Or a child would know that if our schools were teaching things besides "social justice."

And it is those social justice types, those "bad information" voters (not to be confused with "low-information" voters) who read this kind of drivel and cheer and pile on. Which is exactly what happened here, as The Blaze demonstrates in a series of tweets from his followers that are sure to depress you.

This is the story of this election. People making bad, hasty decisions based on faulty reasoning and emotional outbursts. Not "as opposed to policy," but as opposed to their own self-interest or even common sense. Welcome to 2016. Buy survival seeds.

(note: We are kidding about the seeds. ... sort of.)