Bernie Rakes in the Dough

Despite loss, Sanders brings in cash.

That sure is a lot of money for a socialist.

Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist from Vermont hoping to take Hillary Clinton's crown away from her and be the Democrat nominee this fall, keeps raking in the dough. USA Today reports that Sanders is closing in on a massive fundraising goal:

Despite his recent losses in Nevada and South Carolina, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders remains a fundraising powerhouse, raising $38 million and counting in February for his bid for the Democratic Party's nomination.

Sanders is racing to collect $40 million before the end of the day. That's nearly two times the $21 million the Vermont senator raised in January. This morning, his tally was at $36 million; by noon he had raised $1 million more. By 3 p.m., he had hit $38.19 million.  

As of 6:30 p.m. ET, the Sanders camp has raised $39,380,248.

Sanders effectively tied Hillary Clinton in Iowa before beating her handily in New Hampshire. Since then Democratic voters have not been kind to him, at least not at the ballot box. Sanders has lost to Clinton in Nevada and South Carolina and is expected to lose in every Super Tuesday state except Vermont.

You can track the progress Sanders makes towards his goal at Act Blue.