Bernie: Ban Fracking!

"I think fracking ought to be banned in America."

In an attempt to differentiate himself from his opponent Hillary, Bernie Sanders promised California voters that he would ban fracking if he were elected president. 

During a press conference in Spreckels, California, the 74-year-old socialist declared that fracking is "not safe" and needs to be banned in all 50 states. 

"I hope very much that Monterey County will continue the momentum that makes it clear that fracking is not safe, is not what we want for our kids," Bernie said. "If elected president, we will not need state-by-state, county-by-county action, because we are going to ban fracking in 50 states in this country."

Appealing to the hard-left base that Hillary Clinton has largely been helpless to cull into her camp, Sanders appeared with local anti-fracking officials and activists, slamming Hillary for only proposing "regulations" on fracking rather than a wholesale ban. 

"Secretary Clinton and I obviously have many, many differences of opinions on many issues, but on the issue of fracking, our differences of opinion are pretty profound," he said. "I think it is too late for regulation. I think fracking ought to be banned in America."

Sanders then pointed his cross-hairs at the Democratic party, which he felt needs to officially change its platform to adopt a full-blown fracking ban. 

"I would hope the Democratic Party makes it clear that it has the guts to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and tell them that their short-term profits are not more important than the health of our children or the future of our planet," he said.

Hillary Clinton currently holds a 13-point lead over Sanders in the California primary polls with less than a week to go before the vote. His desperate attempt to rally the California environmentalists by proposing a fracking ban will do little to assuage that massive gap.