Benjamin Netanyahu Is Not Amused By Your Selfies

You Are Slaves!

Israli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not amused by your selfies. The world leader was caught in an off-the-cuff tirade against smart phone abusers last week while preparing for a televised interview. He mocks the idea of trying to preserve the moment rather than be in it, and derides the culture of "slaves" that have created the selfie monster.

What do you get out of all these picture. What do you do with it? I mean what exactly do you do with it? You took the picture, OK now what? What happens now? What do you do with it?

The selfie has become a ubiquitous marketing tool, and the very pinnacle of modern, shameless self-promotion. But Netanyahu isn't buying it, wondering what in the world is the point of it all.

The camera folks inform him that the photographer takes several photos and then picks the best one, to which the Prime Minister replies "so what?" He goes on to lament this "new world" saying, "When do they have time to live? They’re taking pictures all the time."

He dramatically concludes:

I’m the only one here without all these electronic devices, And I’m a free man, and you're all slaves. You're slaves to your electronic gadgets!

As the leader of an important and powerful nation facing real challenges and dealing with serious matters, it seems Netanyahu hasn't got the time to play instagrammies with today's youth culture. Surely most powerful world leaders feel the same way. 


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