Ben Carson: ‘If I Were President...’

Dr. Ben Carson posted a brief video on YouTube Thursday in which he describes the first steps he’d take if he were president. In his two-minute, optimistic statement, Dr. Carson emphasizes building a positive relationship with Congress by starting from common ground, the importance of addressing the deficit, and shrinking government through the elimination of redundant programs.

Here is the full statement:

I think it would be very important to have a conversation with the House and the Senate and talk about what our goals as a nation should be. I’d like to hear what they’d have to say. And I think we’d decide on what were our common goals and objectives and we would start by doing some things we all agreed needed to be done because that’s how you build cohesiveness and strength.  And then you knock the easy things out and that helps establish the relationships that... facilitates doing the more difficult things later on. So the same kinds of things that work in normal, everyday life would also work in Washington, D.C.

We definitely need to do something to attack the horrible deficits that we’re running in the national debt. We definitely need to do something to stimulate the economy, to deregulate. We need the right kinds of regulations. We need to agree on what kind of regulations we do need and get rid of all the other ones. And we need to get rid of redundant programs.  We would need to allow attrition to help us. As people get older and retire, we don’t have to replace them.  We can shift people around as necessary and let the government shrink back to the size where it’s lean and mean and able to get things done. I think if we use that kind of approach, we’ll be just fine.