Ben Carson: Either Politics or Ignorance Behind Travel Ban Refusal

"If other countries have seen the wisdom in doing this, why are we the last?"

Retired neurosurgeon and potential 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Fox & Friends Thursday that either politics or ignorance were to blame for U.S. officials’ refusal to impose a travel ban on Ebola-infected countries.

A travel ban is "just common sense,” said Carson:

You don't want to let something that dangerous voluntarily come into your country. And anybody who’s just been in that region in the 21 days preceding trying to enter the United States should be quarantined and observed. If other countries have seen the wisdom in doing this, why are we the last?

Carson said that a ban should have been “one of the first things” the administration implemented when the outbreak began. Failing to do respond adequately, he said, could be “one of the reasons that people are starting to lose confidence in us."

Though Carson predicted that the administration would “eventually” come to the conclusion that a travel ban was necessary, he suggested that either politics or ignorance were at play in the administration’s response thus far:  

Either there's some politics here, or there isn't much deep thinking, one of the two. Neither one of those are things that are appealing.

Carson also commented on the fear of many Americans that our “porous” southern border made us particularly vulnerable as the situation in Africa worsens:

With our southern border being rather porous, can you imagine what will happen to this country? And, I think the average American understands that, and that's why they're concerned. And, they're concerned, also, that our government doesn't seem to understand that.

Video via Newsmax