Beheaded in America: OKC Woman Murdered By 'Muslim Convert'

In Oklahoma City on Thursday afternoon, a woman, Colleen Hufford, was attacked and beheaded, allegedly by a man named Alton Nolen, who had been fired from a job in the same building. Police are reporting that the man was a recent convert to Islam, who had been attempting to convert others in that workplace.

USA Today reports that Nolen had just this morning been fired from Vaughan Foods, after which he drove around to the front of the building, crashed his vehicle into another, and entered the scene of the crime.

The FBI is investigating at the request of the Oklahoma City police department.

Suspect Nolen was shot multiple times on scene by Mark Vaughn, an off-duty sheriff's deputy. Another woman, Traci Johnson was also injured when Nolen began to stab her prior to being shot.