Beckel: 'Treasonous' To Question Obama's Foreign Policy

'That’s treasonous, what you just said!'

Conservative commentators are used to being called un-American, un-patriotic, fascist, homophobic, misogynistic and, of course, racist. But yesterday on Fox News' "The Five" Bob Beckel upped the ante and hysterically hurled "treasonous" at his fellow host Kimberly Guilfoyle​. 

What was Guilfoyle's crime? (And yes, treason is a crime punishable by death) She dared to question whether President Obama has a handle on America's foreign policy:  

“This is the problem. I just don’t think he understands––honestly––I really don’t think he has a grasp on what it means to have a cohesive, coherent foreign policy or how to combat the war on terror. We cannot go around to our enemies, ‘Let me hug you and then let me drone you…’”

At this point, Beckel interrupted his co-host and shouted her down by charging her with a capital offense. “That’s treasonous, what you just said!  It is not accurate! The way you guys treat the President of the United States is abysmal and disgusting!”

The exchange happens at approximately 10:40 of the video above.

H/T: Mediaite