Barbara Walters: ‘We thought he was going to be... the next Messiah’

Walters and Morgan discuss the widespread Obama disillusionment

On Piers Morgan Live Tuesday, guest Barbara Walters admitted that the widespread disillusionment with Obama among those who voted for him stems from their dashed hopes for “the next Messiah.”

Morgan invited Walters on to talk about her upcoming, and final, Top Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year list. After a brief discussion of Miley Cyrus’ scandalous rise to “maturity,” Morgan turned the conversation to a notable omission: the President and the First Lady.

Morgan prefaced the segment by citing Obama’s “more catastrophic than normal” poll numbers, and noted that apparently even Walters doesn’t find him interesting anymore. Though she denied that, she did eventually admit that the Duck Dynasty stars are currently more list-worthy.

Morgan then turned to conversation to a more serious topic, the Left’s disillusionment with Obama, which lead to Walters admitting that many who voted for him expected “the next Messiah,” but instead got a man who has “stumbled around” on the national stage. Here’s the exchange:

Morgan: Why is Obama facing so much opposition now? Why is he struggling so much to really fulfill the great flame of ambition and excitement that he was elected on originally in 2009?

Walters: You've touched on to that to a degree. He made so many promises. We thought he was going to be—I shouldn't say this at Christmas time—but the next Messiah. And the whole Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it, the Affordable Health Act. It just hasn't worked, and he stumbled around on it. And people feel disappointed because they expected more. It's very difficult when the expectations for you are very high. You're almost better off when they are low, and then they rise and rise. His were very high, and they’ve dropped...