Barbara Boxer: Very Dangerous if Supreme Court Sides with Hobby Lobby

Sen. Boxer (D-CA) argues that Supreme Court siding with Hobby Lobby would be "scary."

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) joined Ed Schultz on Wednesday's The Ed Show and said it would be "very dangerous" if the Supreme Court decided to side with Hobby Lobby. Boxer, 73, also managed to bring up Viagra yet again as an attempt at a male analogy. Boxer argued that "any time" a private sector employer does not want to follow a law they would just be able to object for religious reasons. 

In response to Schultz' prompt, Boxer stated,

But we have a religious exemption in the Affordable Care Act you know that! And a lot of people thought it went too far. We have a religious exemption!

Boxer then attempted to argue that no one should force their employee to do something that contradicts their personal religious freedom, apparently blind to the irony that Obamacare would be forcing business owners to provide drugs they disagree with for religious reasons.

But just because I may have an objection to something doesn't mean I should force my employees to follow, you know, my religious freedom. Everybody has religious freedom. So you gotta follow the law.

Regarding the Supreme Court decision, expected in June, Boxer said she was "prayin' hard on it."

Schultz then took the lead, saying if the Supreme Court sided with Hobby Lobby, they would be endorsing an anti-women agenda. Boxer agreed:

Ed, can I just say one quick thing? I never heard Hobby Lobby complain about providing Viagra. But they pick on women, it's wrong, ya know? 

This is not the first time Boxer has brought up the "Viagra" argument, which was promptly and thoroughly ridiculed on Twitter.