Backlash: Anti-Trump ‘American Horror Story’ Draws Smallest Audience Yet

So much winning.

The numbers are in for the premiere of season seven of American Horror Story: Cult and it’s not good news for the franchise. It would appear that a story line which makes President Trump the boogeyman didn’t fly in Trump’s America.

Deadline reported:

In overall sets of eyeballs watching the politically drenched Cult, there was a 24% drop from the September 14, 2016 premiere of Roanoke. Among the key demo, the Tuesday installment topped cable and was the second highest-rated original on all of TV after NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Yet, even with that glory, Cult declined a hard 29% among 18-49s from the Wednesday Roanoke debut of 2016.

In fact, the Cult opener is the least-watched AHS debut since the 3.85 million who tuned in for the Asylum premiere on October 17, 2012. The least-watched AHS debut ever was the Murder House Season 1 premiere on October 5, 2011, which drew 3.18 million. 

Most of America has accepted Trump as the president and are moving on. When will Hollywood catch up?