AZ Sheriff: 'Obama Has Led The Largest Prison Break In U.S. History'

Murderers and rapists set free to roam the streets.

On Fox Business Network on Friday, Sheriff of Arizona's Pinal County Paul Babeu was on to discuss illegal immigration and illegal immigrant crime, when he dropped a rhetorical bomb on the President's policies to date:

"A lot people talk about the 12 to 20 million illegals who are here. Let's talk about the 67,000, the smaller portion of criminal illegals who've committed serious, violent crimes in our country who have been released. President Obama has led the largest prison break in U.S. history releasing these criminals."

A hard line indeed. Babeu points out the common sense and obvious point of view that we shouldn't be surprised there are hundreds of thousands of illegals, cartel members, drug smugglers and criminals crossing into the country considering that we have thousands and thousands of miles of totally unprotected border. Host Stuart Varney asked him why, then, does President Obama keep saying that we are securing the border?

"We've heard if from Janet Napolitano to Jeh Johnson that the border is more secure than ever, and I'm here to tell you that this is an absolute lie," he says. "It's been done to try to lull the American people into this false sense of security that everything is just fine." The point of the deception, he says, is simply to get Americans to accept amnesty.

Pinal County is close to the border near Tucson. When an illegal immigrant is caught committing a crime, the local police have to turn them over to the federal government. "It's a daily issue,' says Babeu. "This goes on all the time." That's the point in the interview when Babeu make the prison break remark. He makes one further very important point.

"All the sheriffs in my state, Democrats and Republicans came out unanimously two weeks ago pointing out how we had three criminals, one serious aggravated, numerous aggravated assaults, two murderers. Not one of them Hispanic. One was from Sudan, one's from Iraq, one's from Russia, that was released in my county. This guy stabbed a criminal informant, he's Russian, put fuel on him, and lit him on fire, and they released this guy into my county."

These law enforcement officers aren't acting out of anti-immigration or racist sentiment. These are foreign, hardened criminals that are being set free in the United States under President Obama's leadership. Which Democrat thinks that this is a good idea? Which Democrat will say "yes, let's put that Russian guy who sets people on fire out on the street because tolerance"?

It's a question worth asking every Democrat running for office. Debate moderators and reporters who are quick to try and trip up Republicans or ask about very specific examples of bad behavior should have the integrity to do the same with Democrats. Someone in the media should ask every Democrat to answer for this injustice. It's exactly what they do to Republicans.