Ayaan Hirsi Ali Condemns Anti-Semitism, Champions New Film

On Wednesday in Brookline, Massachusetts, women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali headlined an event revolving around the rise of anti=Semitism. Her remarks followed the Boston premiere of the Jerusalem U film, Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus, directed by Shoshana Palatnik, who also attended.

Hirsi Ali pulled no punches, offering scathing commentary regarding the anti-Semitism around the world. She offered these statements:

It is appalling that only seventy years from the Holocaust, crowds in Europe chant "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas."  It is even more appalling that 10,000 soldiers in Paris are needed to protect Jewish sites.  That is the continent that promised never again.  The men and women who were in the concentration camps, who are tattooed, some are still here. And it is happening again.

Watching Crossing the Line 2: the New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus, was like having a bucket of ice water being poured over my head.  I saw the film last week.  And I watched it again last night.  And I couldn't sleep. The more we pretend that this is happening somewhere far away, the more hopeless and helpless we feel. But this is not happening far away. This is happening on American campuses, British campuses, Canadian campuses. The filmmakers who made this film made it because it is important that we listen to this message while it is at a smaller stage.

I have a different acronym for BDS. They call themselves Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.  I call them Bully, Deceive, and Sabotage.  Bully, Deceive, and Sabotage the only society that is free in the Middle East. BDS.  On campus, if you care about issues like justice and injustice, we really need to show it. You need to do it.  Where is the BDS movement against the Islamic State? Where on campuses, is the BDS movement against Saudi Arabia? The Iranian regime, who for decades have promised to wipe Israel off the map, who are developing a bomb. And there's no BDS movement against them on campus. Why?  Last year in Nigeria, 200 girls were kidnapped. They were sold into slavery. There was no BDS movement against Boko Haram.

As a press release for the film states:

Israel is under assault on university campuses like never before. As Crossing the Line 2 demonstrates, anti-Israel activity on some North American university campuses is “Crossing the Line” into anti-Semitism.  In the past year, anti-Israel activity on campus has skyrocketed.  The Anti-Defamation League reports a 114% increase of anti-Israel events on campus.  Students report being emotionally and intellectually harassed, intimidated, threatened, and bullied by their fellow students. They’re also being harassed by their professors—to the point that they are afraid to express a view that is not anti-Israel in the classroom.  Free speech itself is under attack.

The Crossing the Line 2 trailer and film can be viewed online at:  http://ctl.stepupforisrael.com/watch/