Axelrod Knew About Hill's Emails!

Documents tell a different story from his public statements

He went on TV and said he didn't know about her private email use, but a release of thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton's private server shows that David Axelrod asked for and used her secret account. Axelrod, who was a top White House aide in 2009, is seen in one of the emails asking for Hillary's address.

The White House not only claimed they didn't know, but Axelrod himself went on MSNBC's Morning Joe in mid-June claiming he didn't know.

"I was there, I was the senior advisor, I didn't know that," Axelrod said.

Yet Axelrod emails Clinton at her private account in June of 2009.

Other White House staff that appear to have known include then-Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel and future staffer John Podesta.