Austrian School Renames Christian Hymn: 'Allah’s Love Is Wonderful'

This is a great way to integrate Muslim youth.

Countries across Europe are struggling with their respective Muslim migrant populations and the problem is two fold: Europeans kowtow and bend over backwards to accommodate a refugee community that has no appreciation for its host country, and said refugees show no interest in integration -- rather, they believe Westerners must adjust their ways and customs to become more "Muslim."

The following incident highlights this root problem perfectly. An Austrian kindergarten teacher replaced the word "Gottes" (or "God") with the Arabic translation, "Allah," in the lyrics of a Christian hymn students were given to study as homework. The teacher reportedly sent Christian students home with the original lyrics, and Muslim students home with the amended version including the word "Allah." Breitbart reports

Austrian authorities are investigating after children were sent home from a kindergarten with homework to learn the words to a Christian hymn, which had the word ‘God’ replaced with ‘Allah’.

The Austrian parent of one child at the Muslim majority school in Oberösterreich complained after he found the handout given to his daughter with the words and musical notation for the popular German children’s hymn ‘Gottes liebe ist so wunderbar’ (God’s love is so wonderful) had been edited and photocopied with new lyrics.

The school claimed they made the change to ‘Allah’s liebe ist so wunderbar’ to satisfy the majority of 10 year old pupils in the class, who are Muslim, reports Kronen Zeitung. While ‘Allah’ translates literally as God from Arabic, the angry father protested that schools simply cannot go about re-writing Christian hymns.

The Austrian schools inspectorate has called the teacher of the class and the principal in for discussions over the incident.

While inspector Karin Lang has given an explanation for the homework, that she admits Christian and Muslim pupils at the school were given segregated homework as a matter of due course may cause even more concern in a country which is working to integrate, rather than ghettoise migrant youth. She said: “The teacher had distributed to the Christian and Muslim pupils different texts.

“In the case, a child must have received the wrong copy into their folder”.

In reality, the word "Allah" is a literal translation of the word "God" and is not intended to indicate a religious designation (i.e. Islamic god, Christian god, etc.). That does not mean, however, that Muslim students and the larger migrant population doesn't view it as meaning "Islamic god" and consider it yet another act of Western capitulation. 

What's more, think of how young the targeted audience is in this case: kindergartners. If ever there was a better time to begin helping Muslim youth integrate, now would be it. Instead Westerners, yet again, are adjusting their own culture to the point of rewriting their religious hymns to accommodate guests in their country. This is at a time when Europe is most besieged by its refugee crisis and prisoner to all of the undesirable, violent elements it entails.