ASA Justifies Israel Boycott by Citing Terrorist Supporting Truther

Their choice of people like Richard Falk to suppport their boycott, gives valuable insight into the thought process behind their Israel boycott, and the feebleness of their attempt to defend it.

The American Studies Association is beginning to feel the heat from the pushback to their Boycott of Israel announced early last week.

The group posted a page on their website asking members to fight against those slamming their ill-advised boycott. Unfortunately, one of the testimonials the ASA quotes in support of their boycott action is from well-known anti-Semite Richard Falk:

And as Richard Falk, the international legal theorist, has noted: “The ASA outcome is part of a campaign to construct a new subjectivity surrounding the Israel/Palestine conflict. It is the sort of act that lends credibility to claims that a momentum is transforming the climate of opinion surrounding a conflict situation. Such a momentum is capable of breaking down a structure of oppression at any moment.”

Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, has a unique concept of human rights; he called the Ayatollah Khomeini a liberator, he says that Islamist terror is the fault of the United States, because Islam "finds itself under the heels of U.S. economic, military, cultural, and diplomatic power," and he is a member of a lawyers organization that the CIA once called a "front" for the Soviet Union. Oh, and he's a 9/11 truther. (see video above). 

In an op-ed in Foreign Policy Journal called A Commentary on the Marathon Murders (dated 4/22), Falk contended that because of its fantasy of global domination the United States got what it deserved in Boston.

Falk is someone who constantly goes past the line of being an critic of Israel's policies and into the realm of Anti-Semitism. It goes beyond his constant references to the Jewish Lobby, operating from Tel Aviv and controlling the United States. In 2011, Falk ran a cartoon on his personal website showing lady liberty walking a dog representing the US, wearing a yarmulke - trying to convey that the Jews run the government - while eating an Arab baby and urinating on liberty herself. After the story went public, he removed the picture. 

The ASA boycott of Israel is misguided and is being trashed by dozens of its institutional university members. Their choice of people like Richard Falk to speak for them gives valuable insight into the thought process behind their Israel boycott, and the feebleness of their attempt to defend it.