Artist Trolls Maxine Waters Because of Her Out-of-District Mansion

If you're going to have a gigantic mansion, make sure it's at least located in your district.

Maxine Waters does not live in the district she represents in Congress, which caused one of her political rivals, Republican Omar Navarro, to hold a press conference in front of her mansion. Inexplicably, he was accompanied by a mariachi band (hey, this is 2017; nothing in politics surprises me anymore.)


Additionally, posters have popped up all over Inglewood and Hancock Park that call the member of Congress a "Poverty Pimp." “N-ggas better have my money!” is repeated in the background of the posters that feature Waters with dollar signs as eyes:

Waters has been on the forefront of the Impeach Trump movement, though she sometimes was erratic at best.  Navarro said that his opponent, "obviously lives outside the district, and that's a representation of who she is and who she's serving. She's not representing the interests of her own district... People are homeless in Los Angeles, while this person right here [gestures to Waters' home] is out of touch with what's going on in society."

The moral of the story? If you're going to look like a wealthy, out-of-touch politician by having a gigantic mansion, make sure that mansion is at least located in your district.

For more of the strategic placements of the posters, click here.

h/t: Daily Wire