Argentina: Abortion Vandals Desecrate Cathedral

"This varnish will damage the building."

Abortion vandals in the Argentinean city of Neuquén have desecrated a Catholic cathedral as part of a "women's rights" protest. 

According to LifeSiteNews, the vandals varnished over the "Cathedral door and the door of the bishop’s office" and wrote graffiti over a large mural of a mother with missing children. 

Neuquén Bishop Virginio Bressanelli told reporters the vandalism will take some work to fix. 

"At certain times of the year there are demonstrations. Unfortunately, in some cases, as in this pro-abortion demonstration, this also happens," said the Bishop. "This varnish will damage the building and we have to redecorate it in order to erase the writing."

As for the mural, Bishop Bressanelli called it unacceptable, saying the mural is "part of the beauty of the town and the heritage of all."

Feminist activists in both Latin America and certain parts of Europe have been engaging in sometimes violent acts of protest against the Catholic Church, resulting in damaged private property and civil unrest. 

From LifeSite: 

Just last year, a mob of topless feminists assaulted a group of men for praying the rosary outside the Argentinean Cathedral of Mar de Plata. They attempted to burn the cathedral down.

In 2014, three topless feminists disrupted a Stockholm, Sweden, cathedral Mass. They were smeared with fake blood and painted slogans claiming “abortion is sacred” on their bare chests.

In 2013, hundreds of abortion supporters disrupted Mass in Santiago, Chile’s Catholic cathedral. They spray-painted some of the altars. Others stripped on top of altars.

Some of the more bizarre acts of feminist protests in recent years came from the notorious group FEMEN, who simulated anal sex with crucifixes and stole a baby Jesus from the Nativity set in St. Peter's Square. Take a look: