Ares Armour VS. ATF Part III

"It’s not about gun control – it’s about control."

The Ares Armor vs. ATF saga continues to rage on. 

On Wednesday, the Oceanside Area Armor gun shop owner, Dimitrios Karras, said he would ask Rep. Darrell Issa (R-San Diego) to intervene on his behalf after the ATF raided his shop and confiscated computers, customer lists, and the polymer 80 percent lower receivers. 

Karras said,

These people are overstepping their boundaries. This is a rogue agency that has pretty much gone wild. I’m going to be going over to local congressman’s office in an attempt to garner some support.

According to,

The issue was the sale of a newly-manufactured product called a polymer 80 percent lower receiver.  The part has been approved for use by gun enthusiasts to build their own guns without a serial number for years.

But according to Karras,

It’s not about gun control – it’s about control.

Issa, who has been spearheading the growing scandals revolving around the ATF, has yet to comment on whether he will take up the issue.  

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