Arabic 'Educational' Video Teaches Girls That Not Wearing Hijab 'Brings You Closer to Satan'

The indoctrination is elaborate and starts early -- and this is what the West doesn't understand.

Westerners often fall into the trap of projecting their own values and mores onto a people to whom such concepts are completely alien. The following Qatari "educational" video shows the kind of deep-seated and far-reaching indoctrination efforts underway across most all Islamic societies. The video teaches young girls that not wearing a hijab will in fact bring them "closer to Satan."

MEMRI provides the video clip and translation of the animated video dubbed "Salma and the Hijab."

The video was taken from an interactive educational software installment for "Boys and Girls," the children's arm of the Qatari government-owned Internet portal This video was posted on the Internet February 17, 2016. 

Transcript follows (emphasis mine):

Salma: "Today, my mother and I will go to buy clothes shopping, Allah willing. I want to buy a new hijab."

Salma's thought: "And what if I don't buy a hijab?"

Salma: "But..." 

Salma's thought: "Try it, Salma. Perhaps you'd look nice without a hijab."

Salma: "But I like the hijab"

Salma's thought: "Salma, you are still little. You don’t need the hijab now. When you grow up..." 

Salma's mother: "C'mon Salma. Hurry up little girl. We don't want to be late." 

Salma: "I'd like to know what my mother thinks about me not wanting to wear the hijab, but I don't know how to..." 

Salma's mother: "What's bothering you, Salma? I can see that there is something you want to say." 

Salma: "The truth is that I would like to know more about the hijab, Mother"

Salma's mother: "The hijab, my daughter, is a natural thing for the Muslim woman. The Prophet Muhammad ordered us to wear it, so anyone who abides by this is being obedient to Allah and His Prophet, and she gets many rewards. As for someone who does not wear the hijab, revealing parts of her body, like her hair, her arms, her neck or her legs - she is closer to Satan and denying Allah, the All Merciful. A Muslim woman must wear the hijab, and must not wear just any item of clothing she sees in the market. Islamic clothes have special requisites." 

Salma: "What are these requisites, Mother?" 

Salma's mother: "It must conceal the body. A Muslim woman must not wear a short garment, which reveals the legs for example. The fabric must be thick, not see-through, because see-through clothes reveal the body rather than conceal it. The garment must be wide, not tight because tight clothes reveal the body's size and shape. It must not have any decorations that would draw attention on it. It must not be perfumed, and must not resemble the clothes of men." 

The interactive software video then prompts children with the following set of instructions: 

"Help Salma buy clothes that would be in line with the proper characteristics of the hijab.

"Click on the proper characteristics of the hijab, using the cursor. 

"This activity is time-limited." 

Game shows Salma shopping; she must choose from among the following garments: "Thick hijab," "See-through hijab," "Short hijab," "Hijab concealing the body," "Hijab that reveals the legs," "Long hijab," "Hjab that draws no attention," "Perfumed hijab," "Tight hijab," "Hijab that is not see-through," "Hijab that shows the body's shape," and "Wide hijab."

The came concludes with the statement, "May Allah reward you for helping Salma."