Arab MK Pens Op-Ed: Israelis Not Entitled to Self-Defense

But Israel is an "apartheid state."

Anyone who moronically labels Israel an "apartheid state" should look to the country's diverse legislature, or Knesset. Members of Knesset (MKs) come from all walks of life -- race, religion and creeds. In fact, sadly some Knesset members don't even think Israel should exist at all (leaving us to wonder where said Knesset member would plan on living and working). 

Case in point: Israeli Arab MK Haneen Zoabi penned a February 14 opinion column in the American publication Newsweek, in which she declared that Israel does not have the right to self-defense because it is an "occupying power." She wrote: 

‘Self-defense’ is the expression the Israelis use in order to justify any extra-judiciary executions as well as their control over others’ lives. However, there can be no justification for killing, nor for oppression. The occupier does not have the right to self-defense. We, the occupied, have the full and only right to fight it, by all means recognized within the framework of international law and supported by the international community.

Zoabi also claimed that terrorists killed by authorities while committing terrorist acts are innocent victims, too. 

She has been temporarily suspended from certain aspects of her Knesset role (while still being allowed to vote in committees) over a long list of transgressions (which we will enumerate here thanks to a list published in the  the Jewish Press 

Haneen Zoabi is an Israeli Arab member of the Knesset who is frequently in the news for verbally attacking the Jewish State or for actions against Israel, such as participating in the anti-Israel Gaza Flotilla in 2010. 

Zoabi also praised the Palestinian Arabs who kidnapped and murdered the three Israeli boys during the summer of 2014, called for a violent uprising against Israel, and has spit in the face of Arab Israeli police officers for being “traitors.”

Zoabi, 47, recently again showed her loyalty to those who murder Israelis by making a condolence call, with several other Arab MKs, on the families of terrorists who murdered Israelis, including one American Israeli, Richard Lakin.

Zoabi and her colleagues told the families of the terrorists that they would help to get the bodies of the terrorists released from Israeli authorities. They referred to the terrorists as “martyrs.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was infuriated by the visit, as were many knesset members across several different parties.

“MKs going to console families of terrorists who murdered Israelis are not worthy of serving in the Knesset,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

The Zionist Union party issued a statement criticizing the meeting, saying that the visit with the families of terrorists by Arab MKS “encourages more terrorism and killing of innocents.”

Zoabi and her two Arab Israeli knesset member compatriots were suspended for several months. They will be barred from attending the Knesset plenum, but will still be able to vote both in the Knesset and in committees.

Zoabi claims her suspension proves how undemocratic Israel has become and how hostile it is  Palestinian Arabs, whom she calls the "indigenous people" of the land.

Zoabi is a perfect example of the types of parasitic, subversive forces working within Israel to tear her apart from asunder. The Arab MK reaps the benefit of living in the peace and democracy of a modern Israel, avails herself of all its perks, luxuries and privilegages, uses the liberalness of its government to elevate herself politically, then spits on the flag she supposedly serves under. We would all like to see Zoabi renounce her Israeli citizenship and go live among the people she claims to champion. If she did, Newsweek and other American outlets bent on painting Israel in a negative light would likely give her two columns per month.  

On the flip side, Israel has nothing to prove and certainly nothing to gain by allowing such subversive elements power within its government ranks. People like Zoabi should be considered traitors -- as that is exactly what they are -- and handled accordingly. Would Israel be slammed for purging the Zoabis from her ranks? Yes. But Israel is slammed for everything all the time -- no matter how generous, forward-thinking or liberal she acts.