Antifa Declares: ‘F**k Your F***ing Constitution, We’re Here to Punch Nazis’

They turn on non-violent protesters for not rioting with them.

An unmasked Antifa member was caught on video in Seattle, Washington, going off on a group of leftists because they refused to engage in violence.

According to Blue Lives Matter, a right-wing group known as Patriot Prayer rallied in Seattle which attracted large groups of counter-protesters. And with large leftist gatherings of the sort, Antifa showed up carrying sticks and shields. But when they couldn’t get their numbers up to overwhelm the police and set about destroying the city, they were left to scream their little hearts out like the woman in the above video.

“I didn’t create a debate, because that’s not why we’re here,” the black-clad member said with an uncovered face. “I’m from Charlottesville, Virginia. I walk the street that mowed down that woman every single day for thirteen years. I’ve worked in Charlottesville, I had all my friends in Charlottesville, I booked shows in Charlottesville, I know the woman who was hit and killed by Nazis.”

She went on to lecture her fellow progressives that non-violent protests aren’t going to cut it.

“We fight f***ing Nazis,” she said. “We punch them, we hurt them, we prevent them from having a platform.”

“You failed us,” she continued. “All of you who stood by when we were like, ‘Please, please follow us. The Nazis are that way!’ F**k your f***ing Constitution, f**k your liberal Bernie bullshit. We are here to fight Nazis.”

The woman then declared that if progressives weren’t there to “throw down” with Antifa, then they are “masturbating in the streets.” Makes sense, no?

But that wasn’t the woman’s only crazed outburst. In another video, she is yelling and taunting the non-violent protesters with, “You just want to feel good! F*** you liberals, pink pussy hat bullshit!”

Ah, when the Left eats its own: