Anti-Trump Olympian Fails to Medal in Games

“Guess she won’t have to worry about declining invitation to the White House.”

Back in December, TruthRevolt reported that alpine skier champ Lindsey Vonn insisted that she was heading to the 2018 Winter Olympics to represent the United States and NOT President Trump.

Vonn, 33, appeared on CNN and boasted that she would turn down any invitation to the White House after the games. 

Well, on Saturday, Vonn lost her first Olympic race in eight years, according to Fox News, and won’t be bringing home a coveted medal despite being one of the best in the world. However, that did earn her quite the criticisms on Twitter from those upset by her anti-Trump remarks.

“Guess ‘Lindsey Vonn’ won't have worry [sic] about declining that Trump invitation to the WH after all!” one user jabbed.

Another quipped:

Yes the Trump Curse is real
A perfect run...and DOHHHH
Hahahahaha#Olympics #LindseyVonn #MAGA #Choke

“Lindsey Vonn said she was going to boycott the White House visit,” another wrote. “No worries. Her President doesn’t plan to see her. Because she’s not a winner.”

Vonn’s honor was defended by the former U.S. women’s national soccer team captain, Julie Foudy, who said she was “sickened and disgusted… by the lack of humanity that engulfs our country.”

“She just raced her damn heart out & Trump supporters gloat/cheer/celebrate her inability to medal. Is this what we've become?” Foudy asked.

Vonn responded and thanked her for the support:

Foudy replied, saying she’d had enough with “cheering for an Olympian to fail” and added, “The vitriol in our country is everyone’s loss.”

Okay, but an Olympian who is representing the U.S. AND the president, whether they like it or not, asked for this “vitriol” when denying an essential duty of an Olympic athlete. Maybe Vonn can go out for the NFL next.