'Anti-Racism Strategist' Calls Ft. Lauderdale Shooter ‘White Hispanic

We got us another George Zimmerman on our hands.

After the gunman who killed five people at the Fort Lauderdale Airport on Friday was identified as 26-year-old New Jersey man Esteban Santiago, self-proclaimed “anti-racism strategist” and Tucker Carlson punching bag Tariq Nasheen took to Twitter to comment on the shooter’s ethnicity, calling him a “white Hispanic.”

That may sound familiar because that’s exactly how CNN described George Zimmerman when covering the Trayvon Martin shooting to serve their racist, political narrative. (Even though the network NEVER referred to their Hispanic anchors that way.) It was also how fugitives on a 2016 Texas most wanted list were labeled.

For extra help, Twitter user @RBPundit helped define “white Hispanic:”

That oughta clear it up.

But as it turns out, the plain old Hispanic Santiago may have been working for ISIS. No shocker there.

Islamic terrorism is a subject Nasheed has also commented on in the past and injected his race narrative.

After November’s terrorist attack at Ohio State University, Nasheed unleashed this tweet:

Black Somali and white Hispanic; perhaps one day these will be options on all U.S. forms instead of just Nasheed’s mind.

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