Anti-Military High School Teacher Remains Defiant, Refuses to Resign

“I’ll sleep good [sic] tonight.” For a teacher, he sure doesn't know his grammar.

The Southern California high school teacher who was captured on video berating a student wearing a Marines sweatshirt last month remained defiant at a city council meeting on Tuesday where he was asked to resign.

Gregory Salcido, who is also a Pico Rivera councilman, made his first public appearance since his in-class rant at El Rancho High School, where he disparaged members of the military as “a bunch of dumbsh*ts” and “not intellectual,” told city leaders that he’s “not anti-military,” but “pro-education.”

“My goal as it relates to my students is to get them to do everything to get to college,” Salcido said, defending himself. “I wanted to challenge them to reach their academic potential.” 

Three hundred people attended the city council meeting and over 50 people spoke about Salcido’s anti-military beliefs. The council voted to ask the teacher to resign as they don’t have the power to fire him, The Washington Times stated.

After the proceedings, an unapologetic Salcido said he isn’t bothered at all by the backlash he has received and that his conscious is clear:

“People have called me every name in the book over the last few weeks. I haven’t taken offense because I’m not any of those things… Really, I’m not offended. I will sleep good [sic] tonight. I’m not offended by that, because I’m not those things. That’s why I wouldn’t resign.”

(Any decent teacher knows it’s, “I will sleep well tonight.” Just saying.)


Salcido further solidified himself as an unpatriotic American by refusing to place his hand on his heart during the pledge of allegiance prior to the council meeting:

We’re betting those two veterans in the foreground felt the disrespect deep into their bones.