Anti-Israel NY Times Reporter to Speak at Center for Jewish History

His column is an “an off-putting muddle of contempt for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

The Center for Jewish History, whose CEO David N. Myers is a supporter of a boycott of Israel and a leader of numerous anti-Israel organizations, is perhaps unsurprisingly hosting a lecture by a notably anti-Israel New York Times columnist, Roger Cohen, on October 15th.

Among other gems, Cohen wrote  he was willing to look past British politician Jeremy Corbyn’s “long flirtation” with the Hamas terrorist group because Corbyn would be reliably anti-Trump. As The Algemeiner recently reported, Omri Ceren, an official at the Israel Project — a pro-Israel advocacy group — wrote on Twitter: “NYT columnist: it’s true Corbyn is a Hamas-supporting, Israel-hating, NATO-bashing, Soviet-flirting loon… but he’s anti-Trump!”

Ceren described the Times columnist’s view as “deranged.” Toby Harshaw, a former colleague of Cohen’s at the New York Times editorial page who has since escaped to the relatively more sensible precincts of Bloomberg View, tweeted out an image of the offending Cohen paragraph with the apparently exasperated comment, “Oh good lord Roger Cohen.”

In October 2016,  Cohen inaccurately characterized Israel’s policies and called on America to undercut Israel at the United Nations.

No friend of Israel, Tablet Magazine once ran an article titled, “Top 5 Dumbest Roger Cohen lines on Israel and Iran,” in which they described his opinion column as an “an off-putting muddle of contempt for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” Among his “head-scratchers”:  “The real challenge to Israel as a Jewish and democratic nation is the failure to achieve a two-state peace with the Palestinians and the prolongation of a West Bank occupation that leaves Israel overseeing millions of disenfranchised Palestinians,” and “Iran has long been an effective distraction from the core dilemma of the Jewish state: Palestine. But global impatience with this diversionary strategy is running high.”

One undoubtedly should expect more anti-Israel programming at the Center for Jewish History under the leadership of David N. Myers.