'Anti-Bigotry' Group CAIR Drops Transgender Client

Tolerance for just about everybody.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) prides itself on being defenders of Muslim civil rights and fighters against bigotry. But according to a lawsuit detailed in the Phoenix New Times, it seems as though the nation's largest Muslim rights organization's tolerance stops at those in their faith who are transgender.

Sumayyah Dawud, a Muslim biological male who identifies as a woman and wears a burka, approached Arizona's chapter of CAIR in order to elicit help filing a religious discrimination case against the Phoenix Police Department, whose officers had removed Dawud's head coverings during a previous arrest. CAIR initially agreed to take the case, but later dropped Dawud citing the client "failed to disclose a material fact" that would have negatively affected the outcome of the case. CAIR has never officially stated what that "material fact" is, but Dawud suspects its because of the transgender identity.

The New Times published a letter by Liban Yousuf, one of CAIR Arizona's local attorneys, sent to Dawud to announce the severance of their relationship:

The relationship was severed because you failed to disclose a material fact that will adversely [affect the] the outcome of your case, causing your case to become significantly more difficult and resource costly.

The Times repeatedly asked Yousuf to name the material fact; he never would. 

Dawud maintains to have never broached the subject of being transgender, but suspects that Yousuf was tipped off by the Islamic Community Center of Tempe chairman Nedal Fayad who has been trying to settle complaints from worshippers confused by Dawud's sexuality. Dawud was previously barred from the center because in accordance with Muslim law, men and women must be separate during worship. The temple was asking Dawud to either dress as a male and worship with them, or prove medically that a surgical transition to female has taken place, something Dawud didn't do.

Dawud said the discrimination case against Phoenix PD was never about being transgender, but only religious discrimination. But Dawud believes CAIR couldn't see past the gender issue.

Dawud issued a complaint against Yousuf, but the Arizona State Bar dismissed it.

CAIR, as a reminder, is a terror-linked organization and the Islamic law they support carries murderous penalties for homosexuality and transgenderism. Which must make it quite difficult to reconcile with the organization's mission to defend Muslims against bigotry, discrimination, and inequality.