Another Treasure Trove of Twitter Truths by Chuck Woolery

"As responsible #Parents, I think it's time to put our #FederalGovernment on a very strict #DIET."

Game show host legend and defender of all things conservative, Chuck Woolery is hitting a renewed stride on Twitter, once again putting the bloated federal government in its proper place and reminding that it is "We the People" who truly hold all the power in this democratic experiment.

Below are some of Woolery's best tweets over the last 24 hours:







Though best known for his classic line "Be back in two and two" from his romance game show days, Woolery has since become one of Hollywood's most outspoken conservatives. And whether it's through Twitter, his website, or his new podcast Blunt Force Truth, Woolery is punching back twice as hard against the progressive politics that have taken over Washington, D.C.