Anjem Choudary on Charlie Hebdo Attack: 'Why Don't People Understand?'

Muslims Are Trying To Teach You A Lesson, Suggests Islamic Activist

Anjem Choudary is a British Muslim preacher, activist, lawyer, and media darling. He famously faced an explosive grilling by Fox News host Sean Hannity, and was subsequently interviewed on CNN about how unfair Hannity was. Today, Choudary is making news in his more usual fashion, expressing support for terror and dismay that the world won't learn their lesson.

Choudary's bewilderment that non-Muslims can't seem to fall in line with Islam's wishes doesn't stop with Paris. He continues on to link this terror attack to other murders committed on behalf of Mohammed. 

See, it's not radical Muslims or extreme Muslims he cites. No, Choudary says these actions speak for the conviction of all Muslims. And still, he was not finished.

"Whatever your views" ... because of course the verdict of the world should still be up in the air about whether or not the attacks - sorry "events" - were a bad thing. After all, Muslims don't like what you are doing. So die and be dead. Who can't understand that?